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My name is Solomon Freeman (Solomon stands for Wisdom, in other words Wise. Hence the monikerWiseFreeman“).

First of all, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my dear parents for their continuous support in my crucial decisions in life, without their mental support, I could never have achieved so much.

Special thanks to Danny Choo for his encouragement on personal profiling, I had finally taken the necessary steps to create one, in the form of autobiography. It’s my great honor to have you be the first reader.

Last but never the least,  I also like to extend my sincere appreciations to every person who I had met in life as all of you had contributed on shaping me into who I am today, directly or indirectly.

For years I had kept silent of my past to every new people I met, only close associates and those who had earned themselves as my good friend were told about my experience.

After countless periods of reminiscing into my past and over 6 months of writing, copy-editing and proofreading efforts by several ghostwriters made to the manuscript originally written back in the time when I was only 18 years old.

These invaluable and irreplaceable memories of WiseFreeman had finally been put together chronologically in words.


Perfected by award winning American journalist and professional editor, Glenn McMahan, author of book titled “More Than Me”.


“The Chronicle of WiseFreeman” is an autobiography summary of WiseFreeman’s audacious journey throughout his youth until end of 2008.




Hope you enjoy the reading~







Yours faithfully,

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“Who could be worse than a blind person,
is the one who can see, but has no vision.”


________Freeman is a distinguished and visionary businessman with a creative mind. Born in a typical working class family as the only child in a small household, but he quickly discovered that he had an entrepreneurial nature. By the age of six he was building spacecraft and concept cars with cardboard from the factory where his father worked. Teachers found him to be the most annoying student in the class because his curiosity about the world caused him to ask so many questions. Although the teachers ignored his inquisitive nature, Freeman had the opportunity to expand his understanding of the world when, at age 10, he traveled alone on a long holiday trip.

________During junior high school, his parents sent him to a private boarding school. There he learned to be independent and disciplined. In many ways he was quite mature for his age. Although Freeman never boasted about his academic abilities, he was one of the distinctive students in his class. He was able to do this even though he spent most of his in-class time sleeping.
________As a result of his above average maturity and academic abilities, he had only a few friends. Almost no one invited him to parties or even to a simple meal. They would, however, ask him to help them with homework and unwanted chores. As a boy in solitude, he felt increasingly despaired.

________Freeman continued to have a great interest in latest gadgets on the market. But he couldn’t afford to keep up to date with any of them with the limited food allowance he received. So, as a hobby, he started selling and trading his cell phones and electronic gadgets at his high school. Then he expanded his network and, with minimal support from others, soon found that he had developed his first profitable business. Before long this small business had started to pay for all his hobbies and monthly expenses. In 2004, he moved out of the school’s hostel, where he had lived with schoolmates, and rented a comfortable apartment in a high-rise building.
________A great turning point in life came when he was almost 16-years old. He read a newspaper advertisement for a business seminar and by curiosity, he was able to attend. After that experience he realized that there was much more to learn from business seminars than from school in term of making money. Freeman decided to hunt avidly for seminars that might interest him. Whenever he found one, he would register his name immediately. He then took all his time after school attending seminars in hotels and auditorium halls. By the time he was 18-years old, he had attended many seminars that focused on internet business, property investment, stocks, Forex trading, network marketing, self-improvement programs and various trade conventions. When he wasn’t in a seminar, he would work part-time in a hotel as part of the service crew. This also helped him learn new management skills and to accumulate enough capital to run his retail business.

“Youth is a time to train your mind, not only to be enjoyed.”


________Through all these interesting and exciting experiences, which included encounters with various business people, he was introduced to the world of network marketing. Fascinated by the simple business and incentives plan, he was eager to take on the challenges and commitments of a new business venture. In this decisive moment he came across many helpful books and educational materials. During classes, he would read all the business and investment books by world business leaders such as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, Warren Buffett and so on. He also read the works of many self-help authors like Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tony Buzan, Earl Nightingale, and Dale Carnegie.
________The most effective method to keep his motivation high was to visit luxury car and property showrooms. He would visualize himself sitting in a supercar, touching and smelling it as he dreamed. Freeman would also think about living inside a luxury condo, planning where he would place his couch, TV, and other furniture. This physical visualization worked very well to help him work harder toward accomplishing his dreams. In addition to this method, he also cut out photos of every item he wanted to buy and kept them in a book titled “Dream Cache.” This helped him keep track of all the things he one day wished to own.

________As he earned his way to higher levels of leadership, he always kept his mind open to new opportunities that might appear during his audacious journey to financial freedom. But even more difficulties emerged, such as age discrimination. He could never reveal his actual age to anyone. By dressing in business attire at most social affairs he was able to gain more respect. In addition, as a frank person in both personal and business relations, he sometimes gets misunderstood for his way of expression.
________At the age of 16, he attended a property investment seminar and became the youngest property investor in the entire investment club. Excited about his new venture in property investment, he formed a small investment club that catered to students, for the purpose of pooling funds in order to increase the ROI. He then visited each of the senior classes, giving speeches to promote the student investment club. However, he did this without any consent from the faculty. Soon the school found out and as a result he was banned from school for five days.


“Formal education is not a necessity, but self-education is. Never stop learning as long as you are still breathing.”

________Freeman believed that formal education was only sufficient for a person to earn a basic living, but that self-education could help a person earn a fortune. He felt it was better to work smart for a few years and then retire to enjoy all the remaining years in life, rather than working very hard for 40 years and only then enjoy life. Due to his strong desire to achieve financial freedom at a young age, Freeman felt he needed a strong name that would represent his life goal. So, when he was almost 17-years old, he chose the profound name “Freeman” as his new middle name. He would carry this name throughout his life and in every business and social network.
________After serious consideration and strategic planning, he decided to dedicate full-time energy to building his business empire. Early on in his 17th year, he made the biggest decision of his life: He chose to leave high school a year early without earning his diploma. He did this in order to pursue his ambitious dreams, all the while knowing that perilous adventures might await him.
________All his caring teachers disagreed with his option. His parents were in tears, but they supported his firm determination. From that moment on, he would become street-smart. He would live strictly by the “FIVE-I” code, which stands for Integrity, Intelligent, Ingenious, Intellectual and Independent. Freeman bound himself to this code of ethics ever since he was 17-years old. Soon he had proven that he excelled beyond everyone his age and even older. He once said: “The environment you are in will determine who you become.” Therefore, he always choose wisely on who to mingle with, particularly business person.

________One day when he was shopping for a new tablet PC, the sales manager introduced him into the world’s largest financial market, FOREX. Because money attracted him more than anything at that time, he decided to learn how to become a currency trader and to discover more about this huge financial market. (In 2005, the pool had $3 trillion US dollars in daily transactions.)
________After learning the fundamentals and the trading methods from the gurus, he passed the requirement and became a market trainer himself. He had some students who were 30-years older than he. Not long before he turned 18 he became the youngest Forex trader ever known in the region. He later had the largest group of students and the largest net sales profits in his organization. All this was achieved in less than six months. After he spoke at a series of seminars to promote the Forex trading method and market, he noticed that he wasn’t capable of fully carrying out what he wanted to pass on to his students. So he let the company do the teaching.
________At the age of 18, he finally reached legal age and immediately set up his own legitimate company locally. He then recruited two high school leavers of the same age to become his personal apprentices. Freeman hoped to pass on all his invaluable business know-how and to incubate more young visionaries. Unfortunately those two apprentices only dreamed about getting somewhere in life; they were not willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams. So Freeman soon fired them.


“You’re only as poor as your mind are.”

________He continued to have exciting encounters with various professional traders around the world. He held onto the vision of starting his own investment fund management company and hoped to accumulate enough funds to trade largely in the Forex market. But he realized that he didn’t have the right human capital to kick-start his vision. So he sought like-minded people and found a few select individuals who were committed to attaining the same financial goals.
________In mid 2006, he terminated his company affiliation with the Forex education company and single handedly founded an unofficial board of directors. Freeman was the youngest person in the board and the next youngest was 10 years his elder. Taking on strategic planning and wasting no time, they successfully secured an Angel Investor to kick-start their million-dollar financial project. With this initial funding, they are able to operate without financial restriction. As a result of their promising trading results, they were soon able to secure more investment contracts.
________As the profits grew to be a few hundred thousands of dollars worth of several currencies, they decided in mid-2007 to incorporate an offshore company in Hong Kong and Belize in order to obtain tax exemption and to seek larger, industrial-size investors.

________After the official incorporation of their hedge fund management companies, as the Co-founder of the corporations, Freeman took on the duty of non-executive Chairman. He was only late 18 at that time and was earning a minimum of five-digits profit a week. In this period, he finally achieved his ultimate dream of early retirement and partial financial freedom. Based on the net worth of his companies at that time, Freeman had become a young, Self-made Millionaire.
________Although being wealthy at that time, he didn’t spend money on unnecessary things. Instead he reinvested all his money into the company in order to achieve a greater compounding effect. Despite his frugality, smooth sailing and eminent achievements didn’t last very long for this million-dollar kid.
________Just weeks after the offshore companies were incorporated, his board members secured another large amount of new funds from a group of unavowed ultra-high-net-worth individuals. The total value of the new funds exceeded any previous contracts. As the money increased, people became greedier. Freeman was a non-active trader in the company’s accounts, due to the fact that he had the least live market experience. As a result he was clandestinely excluded from this particular secret deal. At first he never realized what had happened.

________In August 2007, the sub-prime mortgage crisis caused their major trading account to hit rock bottom. It was frozen. Without new funding they couldn’t revive the trading account and had to cease operations. After a series of negotiations with that group of investors, they coldly decided to pull out of the contract. This left them fully responsible for all the losses. By November 2007, they had sought out every resolution they could think of and eventually had to declare bankruptcy.
________Freeman’s carefully planned future had been demolished overnight. His revenues, which were kept in company accounts to ease the overall operations, had been liquidated. After every possible asset had been depleted to repay the company’s losses, they still owed large sums to creditors that amounted to millions in Malaysia Ringgits. The iniquitous directors wanted to pull him into the pile of debt to lessen their burdens. But because he had not been officially involved in the privity of contract, Freeman’s attorney was able to save him from all the remaining liabilities & charges caused by the misconduct of his directors. As people say, it was a blessing in disguise.
________Just as he thought the situation couldn’t get worse, his soon-to-be wife, who was six years older than Freeman at that time, abandoned him because of his financial misfortune. They had been in a relationship for almost two years. Despite his maturity and intelligence, he didn’t have the capacity to handle such continuous emotional stress. During this steep downfall, his mental state was very unstable. Soon he was diagnosed with melancholia and lacunar amnesia, and had to take heavy medications just to calm his nerves.

________By fate he bumped into his old business consultant and was introduced to a reputable palmist and tarot card reader. After a detailed examination by these two people he was told that his times of great success had not yet arrived. They said his current success was only temporary. Having been told that his long-term financial achievement would only happen years later, Freeman felt impatient and too tired to repeat the process. He thought it would be best to die.
________Before he took his own life, he called up the palmist for some final advice and was directed to Befrienders for counseling. With no one else to turn to at that point, he decided to seek help from this counseling group. For hours a 65-year-old counselor berated him for being such a brilliant young man who was seeking such an asinine method to end his life. As a result, Freeman wanted to prove something in opposition to the counselor, so he tried to stay alive for the time being.

________While attempting to suppress his suicidal tendency, he recalled a website that he had once miraculously stumbled upon in June 2007: the site He then studied to find out about Danny Choo and later discovered that his father is Professor Jimmy Choo OBE (Order of the British Empire), the world renowned fashion shoe designer. After learning that Danny has become successful in crafting his own living as a self-made entrepreneur in foreign country (Japan) without any financial aid from his wealthy father, Freeman instantly admired Danny Choo as a great example of a highly self-motivated person who is capable of inspiring people.
________On a rare occasion, he met the honorable Professor Jimmy Choo OBE at the KL International Trade Forum on November 12th, 2007 before meeting Danny Choo in person. (Freeman is now an active contributor to the world famous community.) By remembering Danny Choo, Freeman realized that if he died he would never get to learn and understand more from him. Henceforth, Danny Choo became his role model and one of the important reasons why Freeman is still alive today.

________In September 2007, Freeman conducted a job search for full time employment and a secure, steady income. As luck would have it, an international database marketing company hired him to fill a temporary spot as a telemarketer while he waited for the availability of a corporate sales executive position. During the interview by two managers, he was asked why they should hire him instead of the other graduates who had proper college diplomas and higher university degrees. Then one of the managers told him frankly that they didn’t believe in being street-smart.
________Despite his disadvantage in formal education, he passed the interview based on his practical experience and achievements in his previous career. But he kindly rejected the offer since the company couldn’t afford to pay the salary he requested. After that he continued searching for jobs. This is when reality hit his face hard and cold.

________He kept knocking on more doors, but nobody answered. He was aware that without at least a proper high school diploma he would not be able to fulfill the minimal job requirements for executive-level positions. This is when he started to realize that he might not get any decent job. He began to deeply regret the fact that he had not finished high school earlier on, he should have patiently wait for another year in order to complete high school before going full-time into his business. Soon the job search reached a dead end. The only option left for him was to start another business._______

________As he continued searching for opportunities, he identified a local market demand for “adult products”. He conducted extensive research with various online retail stores and contacted a site owner for information about how he could offer his services to retool their e-commerce business in order to increase profits. Through convincing verbal and written statements, Freeman landed a position as an e-commerce consultant. His duty was to provide consultation for revamping the Web portal, to implement new features such as a customer loyalty program, membership program, and to develop a B2B method that would better leverage distribution channels.
________After getting to know the owner better, he found out that the owner’s business ethic was immoral and unfair to other parties. Therefore Freeman decided to drop this business relationship, even though the owner tried to entice him into a partnership by offering him stakes in company profits and a share of a $350,000 house. With this consulting business ended, Freeman was once again stuck.

________On November 11, 2007, in the sacred name of God, he changed his original given name and sent his antecedent persona to an eternal rest. Now Freeman would live under a different identity and a new personality. No one knew about his glorious past (until this autobiography was published). Thereafter his board was officially dissolved and he had nowhere else to go but to return to the care of his parents after nearly a decade long of being independent.

________In December 2007, he set up a new SOHO (home office), by utilizing a section in his mother’s clinic as a support for getting back up from ground zero and into business again. However, the way he looked at business and investment was never the same again. Now he is taking even more precautions and detailed market due diligence procedures to prevent any unforeseen events.
________Freeman spent most of his remaining capital on market research and product sampling for his new international drop-shipment e-commerce business. But failing to find any investors, he was once again left in despair.
________After thoughtful consideration, he then decided to take a long recovery vacation for being a NEET (Not currently in Education, Employment or Training). The reason for this was that he wanted to regain all his lost schooling, which had been replaced by building his business empire during high school. Although he had enjoyed a lot of adults’ entertainment during that time, he never had the chance to enjoy being a normal teenager or to do what most teenagers did in their youth.
________During his recovery period he kept up with his avid interest in anime, one that dated back to 2005. Freeman would wake up and begin his day by watching the backlog of anime or by playing online games to kill time. He did this every day and night. He would also attend Malaysia’s largest anime/cosplay event called Comic Fiesta. He later realized that watching anime could make him cry or laugh out loud, something that actually helped him to overcome his depression and greatly reduced his need for medications.

________One day, a cosplayer that he met during Comic Fiesta 2007 invited him to a cosplay event. Since he had nothing productive to do, he accepted the invitation. He had a tactical suit and props, which he brought back from Hong Kong, so he put it to good use by wearing it to the event. Without expectation, he ended up participating in the cosplay competition, won the crowd’s cheer and was even featured in the newspaper.
________In January 2008, Commander Chaos was born as his cosplay persona. He then started to look into more cosplay events throughout the year and became actively involved in cosplay competitions. His intention was not to win prizes; it was to showcase his performance abilities on stage and to bring cheer to his audiences. By March 2008 he had successfully reached the apex. Along with his new found hobby of cosplaying, he was quickly scouted by an event management company. This company invited him to become a professional costume talent for their events starting in May 2008. He accepted.

________After a period of time working for that event company, he developed a curiosity and an interest in event management. So he submitted his curriculum vitae to the director and requested to be considered for any career opportunity. In July 2008, after a successful interview, he joined the company as an event coordinator and was sent straight into the field without any training. He managed to learn the operations within a short probation period. For meeting the expectations, the employer granted him a house and additional subsidizations.
________In September 2008, Freeman obtained a win-win contract that allowed his own company to engage in business with his employer’s company. Freeman’s business became the service provider and consultant to the company that employed him. By venturing into event management, he had acquired a lot of new skills in critical management and some exciting experience with handling daily operations. One of the most crucial things he learned from this new business was: “In any event, nothing goes according to plans. Therefore we must always prepare for the unexpected.”

________A brand new chapter unfolded on his new journey in life. Compared to his buried rueful past which he underwent midlife crisis during his early teen, he now lives a completely different life, but one that is happier. For the time being he doesn’t care as much about earning abundant sums of money. He’s patiently searching for the right opportunity that will give him a little push and help him to fly high again. Most important to him are good friends and having a passion in dancing, singing, photography, traveling, good cuisines and for being an obsessed otaku in anime, figurines, games, cosplay etc. Nowadays, he is just an ordinary teenager doing his best to make a living while enjoying his youth.




________Then again, perhaps he’s not so ordinary.







__________________________________To Be Continued…












*Every single word stated herein is the genuine history of WiseFreeman.

References and photographic evidences to support all the above statements will be provided to potential partners only.

A NDA might be requested before the disclosure of any documents.





If you enjoyed reading this autobiography, please kindly provide your constructive feedback & words of encouragement, thanks in advance.





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    I hope the tarot was right and the time of great success will come soon. ^^

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    Y’know, for some reason I never clicked through the link before this. Kind of interesting how much can be hidden behind an online persona…

    But hey – history’s history. Our past makes us into what we are today, and what we are today is what matters. Not sure where I’m going with this, but this read has gotten me into a very introspective mood.


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    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Thanks for reading it 😉

      This is just a summary of my full biography, a standard length of a typical biography in a standard format is around 200 pages minimum or around 100,000 words.

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    interesting but do u think any potential employer would actually have time to read all that? just wondering.

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    You know, I had a feeling you might be something of an entrepreneur, but I would’ve never guessed how young you started or how much you’ve accomplished!

    Even the breakdown of your company I would consider an accomplishment, at least you managed to build one in the first place, not a lot of people could say that, at any age.

    I’ve attended seminars too, but never did anything, today I attended another after a long period of none, I think I’m finally ready to do something, will just need some capital to enroll in the course.

    Anyhow, much respect and admiration for what you’ve done so far and I wish you all the best for any current and future ventures~!

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    Seeing your progress, and knowing who has kept you alive really does tug at the heart strings.

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    always wanted to know the man behind the trooper mask 🙂

    reno only told me a bit, now im in awe.
    nicely written bio!
    very inspiring ;D
    am proud for you! ❤

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Thanks Lydia.

      Only close friends who attended my private birthday party had been told of my age & story, I instructed all my guests not to disclose any detailed information ^^

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    At first I laugh, but then when I began to read, I got the same feeling as I read Danny Choo experience from ground up. Thanx for sharing your personal biography, do tell when the .PDF format is going to be published, I’m saving it for my son/daughter reading when s/he reached secondary school.

    Thanx again man, and do keep writing about your biography.

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    There are very few things that I can say that aren’t posted already, however I should say that I really respect you a lot, there are very few people that can actually get up and keep moving on and even more few the ones that gets to the top and beyond.

    I guess that you are the type of person that can be call an inspiration, I wish you the best of the best. 😀

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    i am REally inspiREd by youR woRds, by what you have wRote. basically bRought out alot of my own peRsonal expeRiences, even though I neveR REally fell down too haRd befoRE (yet? Rofl) Still, I admiRE MR. Danny’s pRofessionalism and woRk as much as you possibly do too. RMy paREnts live in a geneRation wheRE such things weRE neveR viewed as oppoRtunities to a “stable’ job and life. I knew I might fall down tRYing, but thanks foR giving me the couRage to tRY, knowing that no matteR how haRd you fall, you can always climb back up again. I am now in college, only to leaRN the tRuth that ‘foRmal education isnt eveRYthing’ I only wish that I have discoveRed it eaRlieR.

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Thanks Julia for your kind words ^_^

      I have always been asked in regards to the term “Formal Education”. I learned much of my business know-how from books & seminars, not from school (this is subjective since I withdrew at high school), the point is never stop seeking knowledge whenever possible.

      “Formal education is not a necessity, but self-education is. Never stop learning as long as you are still breathing.” I then quoted.

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    Your story is a good example of another book I have read just last month, Celebrating Failure by Ralph Heath. A very good book that you should have read before.

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    I wish your next chapter of story would be brighter. Cherio!

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Any person will certainly have to been through failures at some point in their life, sometimes the hardest downfall.

      The most important part is how long does a person takes to stand up again.

  31. halfey Says:

    I feel inspired now after reading your biography. I should not make my disadvantage in formal education to hold me back. And now I know watching anime is good to cure depression too. Thanx 🙂

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Things might work very differently for different person.

      However, a person should always keep gaining new knowledge & skills via self-education, keep learning till our very last breath.

      • halfey Says:

        well, I’m a college dropout so the highest academic qualification I have now is the hi-school certificate. However I’m always feel reluctant to further my study again mainly due to commitment to work and I never thought that self-education would help either. I think I was just looking down on self-education but now I’m not gonna let that happen again. I might want to turn my interests into something profitable.

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Explore any ways to get paid doing what you’re passionate about 😉

  32. Alan Says:

    There you go Freeman….keep this up !!! You have our support !!!

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    It was a wonderful read of what you have been through, it does somehow reminded me of what Danny Choo himself have gone through his fair share as well.

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    After the meet up I finally discover who’s that guy behind the mask is. Everything was reveal. LOL! It’s was all thanks to Scott a friend I met in the meet up. It was a pleasure to meet you 😀

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    I’m really impressed and moved by this biography of yours, it isn’t hard to believe that there are people like you would venture into business or work life before completing their high school studies. You really gathered an abundant of experiences in life and work experiences. It must been hard those years , well at least i pray that the coming times would be smooth sailing for you till the ends of time. I look forward to be an acquaintance of yours both as a friend and employee (hopefully for the latter). I always have this personal belief of Letting TIME work its magic and run its course, Perfection cannot never be rushed to avoid flaws. I’m a Sagittarius (horoscope) so that kinda show how my character is.
    One final thing would be that I wish the Best of Luck for you and Always Live life to the Fullest ^.^

    Best regards,
    Joe aka Kimura

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      “If you have a degree, you have a job. If you didn’t have a job, it’s because you didn’t want one. And I didn’t want one, thankfully.” said Sir Ken Robinson on TED Talks 2006.

      This is exactly what I had in mind when I was 17, I never want a life which after school graduation, land on a job & work until age of retirement. I wanted to spend the shortest amount of time working very hard & smart to build substantial ongoing income & then retire early to enjoy the rest of my remaining youth, rather than working for 35 years then only enjoy retirement life at age 55.

      Thanks Joe, for your kind words 😉

      • Joe Says:

        I think I don’t have the vision or courage to step out the safe line , to venture out to the field without being fully prepared. For now, I’m just expanding my network to know more people of different work fields as well as getting to do some part time jobs to understand the different fields from an external point of view.

        Work Smart would be the way for me , maybe the scenario of retiring early haven’t hit me yet . So I Pray that It will soon ^_^

        Pleased to be of an acquaintance

        Yours faithfully,

  35. Musou-Enrai Says:

    Reading about people’s journey in life can be breath-taking and inspiring. To face life and hardships it carries all by yourself and so young at age is MORE than commendable. It makes me feel somewhat ashamed of my lack of bravery. I mean, here I am now on a crossroad. I’ve just finished high-school and I want to continue with Japanese in Uni. My dream, which, frankly, I fear sometimes, is to live and work in Japan. Like Danny Choo. The problem is, I don’t know anything and I’m wondering what would I do there where the averege Japanese knows the language better. Should I postpone this and go with something that will guarantee me a job. (But then again nothing is guaranteed in life). So? Where to? My dad advised me to listen to my heart and choose what I like and not what I could just do. DECISIVENESS AND HESITATION. That’s why admire people like you who take on life without fear.

    Here’s my impression on your bio:
    After finishing this amazing story, which I’m sure is far from over, I realized even more that every person has an individual path to take. Whether it will lead him to happiness and success or to misery and despair depends on his actions, which are formed by his goals and way of thinking, of course.
    There are a lot of things that made me a great impression in your bio:
    1/ Patience. One of the main things that life is all about. In your case, dropping from school a year sooner caused you problems in the future.
    2/ To each according deserved.
    A/ Negative side:
    The company board, driven by greed, decided to take on the business affaires without your knowledge which resulted in total failure. And now they have debts to pay.
    B/ Positive side:
    You’ve spent years striving for your dreams and taking bold decisions. There have been productive and unprodictive periods of time but in the end things worked out… somehow. Now you’re enjoying yourself more than a year or two ago, right?
    3/ Dreams. It’s important to have a dream. That’s the thing that propels one’s actions in life. But sometimes we might get lost in daily life’s endless trivial matters and forget our goals or even get discouraged. In moments like this it’s important to move away from the details to see the whole picture. That and to find a STEADY MOTIVATIONAL SOURCE – something that will keep reminding us why we chose the dream(s) we chose. Like Danny Choo’s story, like your story.

    I’m glad I found this webpage because I found another role model. Your story is really inspiring. Reading it made me for a hundredth time wonder about my life. Strange, but while writing these lines one sentence wanders in my head:

    P.S. Sorry if I branched off a little here and there. There’s so much to be said about everything. Your story really made me wonder about many things. I’ll keep an eye out on your site.

    Take care and God speed!

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, I really appreciated it ^_^

      As Danny Choo always quoted, “Stay Focused & Passionate”. Since you like to live & work in Japan, the first thing will be mastering their language. The good part is that you have a very supportive dad which encourage you to chase after what you like, because he knows that by doing what you are passionate about, you’ll be the happiest. And when children are happy, so do their parents.
      Secondly, you already discovered what you are passionate about, so waste no time & plan on how you can make a living on it.

      As you had read on my biography, I’d ventured in a lot of different businesses & investments field, each of them was simply triggered by my interest & curiosity. When I was in junior high, I’m interested in handphone, thus I started my own phone retail business. I’m most interested in making abundant of money, therefore I ventured into property investment & ultimately the world’s largest financial market, FOREX. At the present time, I’m deeply indulged in photography, hence I incorporated a new company for photography & camera tradings.

      In life, it’s not just how many times you fall, but how many times you stand up after you had fell. People do makes mistake from time to time, but the value a person gain from their mistake is what improve them in the future, provided they do learn from their mistakes.
      Don’t be afraid to step on new ground, you’ll never know what new offer awaits. Don’t be afraid to set your goal higher, even if it didn’t hit in first attempt, you’re already somewhere closer to the goal. Don’t be afraid that you might fail, because you can never predict the future without starting your journey first.

      Once again as Danny said: “Stay Focused & Passionate”

      All the very best in deciding your bright future 😉

      • Musou-Enrai Says:

        Such… tremendous… TWISTING ENERGY of PURE WISDOM!!! T_T It’s incredible!
        Well, my dad’s actually more of a realist, thinking over carefully each step he makes in life. He doesn’t say “I want this!” and plung in action. But… I’m confused. Yesterday I read in a motivational site ( about setting and chasing dreams. There it was said:

        “Do not limit what you are willing to have, based on what you think is possible.”
        “Do not limit what you are willing to have based on how you will get it.”

        I even read John Kehou’s book “WILL POWER”. And before yesterday I was thinking while walking down the street: “It’s true that the only obstacle to overcome is ME. I’m the one who’s constantly limiting myself.” Even my litterature teacher said once that “The battle with yourself is the most fearsome one” or something like that.
        OK! I read those 2 quotes I posted and I wonder – how should I act? By triple thinking over every step towards my dream or by carelessly going for it without giving it much thought? Because I start to think that that’s the way you and Danny did it. I don’t say this in offensive manner. By all means, no. I’m just confused what to think and how to act. How to take it on.
        It’s a habit of mine to think over everything before proceeding with action. Now I wonder what does it mean to be “realistic”. I’m actually starting to think that that so called “realism” is the thing that’s limiting my imagination and the thing that’s tripping my dreams and ideas. How contradictory! Isn’t realism supposed to make our lifes easier and more certain? All this is so contrary to my way of thinking and it seems to me… unreasonable.
        “Think real! How are you going to pull this off? Look how few people manage! What makes you think you’ll make it? Be reasonable!” … I just don’t know.

        I’d like to ask you another thing. Most(if not all) of the things you know in your life, you learned all by yourself, right? Through self-study. So, does this mean that one can learn anything he wants to without the need of a tutor as long as he/she has motivation and perseverence? I’ve been learning Japanese by myself in the past 2 years. But not too serious! I’ve been procrastinating! It’s been ON and OFF so my knowledge is really small. And there was school too.
        This isn’t a secret but long ago I found out that when someone is interested in something, he/she memorizes it faster. In my case Japanese. So I think I have great chances. But do I have the same chances if I want to learn it by myself?
        I like photography too! This harmless hobby is forming like a passion to me. I’ve discovered that recently. I’m particularly intrested in clouds. I love their shapes and sizes! ^^ I have so many photos of them. And there are so many to come! Maybe I can consider something with this interest.
        After I wrote the first comment on your bio I thought about dreams and motivation. By thinking it over I realised that having such is not enough. To have the willingness to fight for them is what counts. And it is what I’m lacking and I didn’t know that. But I read similar sayings yesterday:

        “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Vincent T. Lombardi

        “Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go, success won’t happen.” Phillip Adams
        I can’t stop thinking about that fact that it takes balls of steel to take the first step. Or maybe it’s just me. Now I remember that I read somewhere that “things are what we think they are. If something is big, it’s only because we think it is.” But still, but still! My established “realistic” way of thinking is crushing such thoughts of mine. I never realised this until now! My way of thinking is dangerous for me. By being realistic I actually aim for the predictable. Just like many other people. Why? Because none of us likes surprises. Especially BAD ones. Hmm… I’ve been raised to think “real”, to think in the limits of the present circumstances. Now I see the damage! This is terrible! How can I shake it off!? *o*

        P.S. I thought I’d share this here because I think it’s revolutionary and it might help other lost souls like me:

      • WiseFreeman Says:

        Dear Musou-Enrai,

        You should always start with a carefully thought out plan, so that you’ll be only taking calculated risk. But never spend too much time in just thinking, because you’ll lose all the time that actually doing it. By thinking too much will stop you on your path or even restrict you from starting the journey due to too many “What If” floating in your mind.
        Most of the time you just have to BELIEVE in yourself that you CAN achieve it, & you will eventually. A quote by Buddha: “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” & from the universal law of attraction.

        I acquired most of my skills from self-study & applied through experiences. Every person have their own unique way of learning, some can learn it all by themselves solely by reading or watching, but there are also some that needed hand by hand guidance. Whichever motivates them to keep their passion & desire of acquiring new knowledge or skills to continue fueling the journey.

        Being realistic as you said you are, there are pros & cons to it as for every people who are in this category. It might limit you from taking risk in achieving greater height due to the insecurity you felt within that is restricting your action to take the necessary steps. Person like this wanted guarantee in everything, but in life as you had previously stated, they are no certain guarantee at all.

        “The environment you are in will determine who you become.” Hence I highly recommend you to socialize with people that are in your interest/hobby, be with the like-minded & adsorb whatever you can learn from them, you might discover a path that will lead you to what you want to achieve in life.

        Do feel comfortable to clear your doubts by raising more questions, I shall assist you whenever I could 😉

  36. Musou-Enrai Says:

    Thank you for your reply, WiseFreeman. No need to apologize. You’re a busy man and yet you find time to help others. That means much to me.
    By far one of the most important things in life is to believe in ourselves, yes. I’ve wondered many times about that. Even yesterday one question crossed my mind. Question that I’ve asked myself many times. HOW TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Everyone says how important it is but nobody really says how to achieve it. I thought about how I would answer the question and I came up with this:
    1/ By taking small steps in life, one at a time and eventually proceed to bigger ones.
    2/ By telling yourself that you believe in yourself. By confirming this statement in your head eventually you’ll start believing in it. Or so I’ve heard…
    There’s a saying that when a lie is said 100 times it becomes reality. Why? Because people start believing in it.
    But let’s get to the fact that no one(or maybe just few) says how to get to actually believing in yourself efficiently. Maybe it’s because there’s no exact way. Maybe everyone has to find the answer himself. Who knows? That’s why I’d like to ask you – did you always had the belief in yourself? If so, then how? All your life is filled with bold actions. So young and yet you have achieved something that some people don’t achieve in their whole lives.

    Now, before I go, I also have a side question. What exactly would the “Subscribe to this site by email” do?
    And by the way, I saw the little smiley at the bottom of the page! Nice touch! 😉

    P.S. How were the events and roadshows? 🙂

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Let me share a method of how to set a strict belief in yourself. What I did back then was to print out my distinctive “FIVE-I” code (Integrity, Intelligent, Ingenious, Intellectual and Independent) with a “I AM” on top of the 5 words on paper, laminate it & stick it on a place where it always in my line of sight. I would then read it to myself by actually saying out loud; “I AM Intelligent! I AM Ingenious! I AM Intellectual! I AM (a man of) Integrity! I AM Independent!”. I practice this action until it really get into my mind, both conscious & subconsciously. It might work better if you say it louder, but it won’t work if you don’t say it out at all.
      From the past I had the paper on the wall next to my bed where I could read it before going to sleep & before getting out of bed; next to a mirror while grooming; on the door & read it before I going out of my room to kick start the day, and don’t forget to keep a little piece in your wallet too, where you can keep reminding yourself while on the go.

      You may start with any positive words, but be realistic (can’t state you can fly or time-travel or something, LOL!), you could use “I AM” or “I CAN” but not “I Will” because the former 2 have a much stronger “Present” sense. Then make sure you develop a habit of reading it out loud at least twice a day (after you wake up & before you go to sleep), after a period of time it’ll automatically imprint into your mind permanently.

      This WordPress site only served as my biography page, I response to every comments, but I do not input any new post update. To keep track of my daily routine, you may kindly follow my Twitter:

      • Musou-Enrai Says:

        Oh my! It certainly has been I while since I’ve been here. I’ve been busy with some things.
        Sorry for the late reply and thank you for yours. I’ve read about this technique and I’m glad to hear that it has effect(you are the proof). That’s why I’m willing to give it a chance. I don’t know if it’s necessary to imagine anything while I repeat the statements but I think it’ll enhance the effect if I do.
        I don’t have a twitter. Not sure if I’ll make an account there.
        Thanks, WiseFreeman! Good luck in your endeavours for a happy and valuable life! 😀

  37. kusakabemisao Says:

    Wow you lived a lot more than your age. It made my 29 years of life so simple compared to yours. Reading your bio gave me a spark of inspiration.
    I will watch closely this not so ordinary youth enjoying his life while at the same time keep on striving to be successful.

    For me its not the destination, but the journey that counts 🙂

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Every person live a different life, I just choose to do what most people not willing to do at their early age. Life is short, I wanted to enjoy life to the fullest as early as possible.

      “Identify & live your passion and the rest will just follow, it always does.” – Danny Choo

  38. Bill Phang Wai Keet Says:

    You’re awesome and encouraging mate! You are definitely gifted in entrepreneur’s skills and talents! And despite tough times in life, you chose to endure and persevere to achieve your lifetime dream! I’m glad I come to know you! Truly an amazing testimony which can encourage and inspire others in their career life!

    You know as my senior once said “Naughty kids are the smartest kids you’ll ever live to tell!”. I really learn a lot of things just by reading your biography. Thank you for sharing this testimony! 😀

    God Bless!

  39. Ragnar Võrel Says:

    That was… truly inspiring.

  40. aokiakira Says:

    hey mister wisefreeman, i was the one who met you at comic fiesta. the girl with the blue rose pin and the neko mimi. i’ve read this bio long time ago but didnt leave a feedback, so here’s what i think,
    you are a person who had a lot happened in your life but finally you find something that keeps you waking up in the morning and feel great. i think thats great, well to be honest i had a lot happened in my life too, maybe not as much as you cos im only seventeen. family problems mostly. from the day i was born and it still going on til today but im glad it taught me how to get up and live my life under my command since its unfair just because of one person , i had to be in grief and not appreciate those who loves me.anyway you and danny choo are well my idol. im not a stalker XD i just adore how you guys made it in life. and i wanna do it too and im on my way. haha my mom used to scold me for using internet for a long long time but when i proof my results are just as good and i already start translating and actually got a lil money. now she just let me use it. sometimes she even worries if i had no internet connection around. XD so my mom are gradually accepting that her daughter is an otaku and actually make something out of watching anime and onlining XD i never been to any japanese class for real.

    so all the best,

    hope to work with you in the future

    aoki akira

  41. BungaHimalaya Says:

    It’s truly inspiring even for a 56 year old university lecturer like me.Thanks for your kind contribution.

  42. Zerolegacy0 Says:

    Wow such an incredible story WiseFreeman!! I’ve seen you comment on Danny Choo’s website so many times and I never thought that this was the type of person behind the dancing stormtrooper!

    I feel the same way as you toward life, I want to retire early and enjoy life’s wonders. I don’t want to waste my time working a meaningless job I hate.
    I’ve tried to plan carefully, but I must be holding myself back fearing failure. I also never finished High School, but for different reasons. I think the biggest thing stopping my success is lack of direction. I can’t really identify my passion, I mean I love anime and Japan, but I don’t really see myself being able to succeed in any anime related fields.

    The only thing I thought of was starting a blog like Danny did, except mine is not very popular and I don’t really see how I can make much money of of it anyway. ^^; I worked really hard on it for a while, but after 3 months I really couldn’t keep working on it because it was really time consuming especially working another job as well. In the end I guess I was not passionate enough about blogging.

    Well thanks for listening anyway I guess I’m just the kind of guy who wishes for a better tomorrow, but is just unmotivated or maybe even depressed. Although I did learn a bit from reading your bio. Maybe you can help me find a direction?

  43. goldfries Says:

    Despite having you on my Twitter for quite while, I’ve never bothered to visit your site even though I must admit your short bio does intrigue me a little.

    I did took note that you tweet about photography and anime, both of which I like. 🙂 Quite often I thought you were actually related to Danny Choo as well.

    I was looking at your tweet to show my wife of what you tweeted the other day about TDoSH – one thing lead to another (saw your twitter background, pointing to Danny Choo. blablabla yada yad yadaa…. zuumm zaaam…..) I decided to visit this page, read the intro and decided to give the story shot, and read it as far as my interest could bring me.

    Looking at the scroll bar I thought it’s a REALLY long story but I was in a way disappointed it ended so soon, the scroll bar was contributed by the comments. 😀 not that I’m expecting the poor guy to go through more hardship but it’s because the story itself was inspirational.

    A few things I have in mind –

    a) self-education is indeed important, our education isn’t all that great. They teach many things that aren’t applicable in life. It’s great that you manage to see that at a young age.

    b) it’s great to see young individuals stepping out to hold their future, you did just that but with some bad luck unfortunately.

    c) I understand how it’s like to go near penny-less, though not bankcrupt. It’s not easy but perseverance and determination will help one through. 🙂

    d) I hope your story does inspire young people to stop being complacent, and to improve one self day by day instead of just having fun fun fun. There needs a strike in balance.

    e) erm……….. can’t think of anything else so end with this point.

    So, when’s the book coming har? 😀

  44. amat Says:

    Just finish reading your bio…..Well actually I have stumbled upon this long time ago from but bcoz it’s too long….I don’t really much read it….. Somehow today I manage to finish read it all maybe bcoz of the good internet over here and doesn’t stuck in the middle of the paragraph..hahaha….. Anyway enjoy your life and never forget the people around you…

  45. lingzhi Says:

    Hey Solomon Freeman,

    Aaron Ang here. Added you on facebook. Found you through a mutual friend. Had time, so i read your full story. Inspiring, risk taking and all that. Bet you are a guy with a lot of ideas and knowledge bottled up. Reading this gave me a great understanding of you. I didn’t want to waste some link juice (nice PR 2) so i just left my name as that. I’m just testing out my brand new site and niche, i do own other sites. I guess the 2007 subprime really did some heavy damage to you financially. I’m glad you’re still around to tell the tale. I’m sure you’ll make it REALLY BIG AGAIN someday. Just for your info, you inspire me to write out something like this, but mine isn’t worth telling anything YET. You my friend at least reached a certain peak in life. Anyway, its up to you to approve both comments or facebook friends add. I just like meeting great like minded individuals such as yourself and look forward to expand our personal potential. Your story keeps me fired up in hard and trying times 😉 Learning never stops and never ends. Your thoughts and experience have empowered people. Cheers~

  46. Chacha Heavens Says:

    To have read this autobiography is truly a mind-opening step towards a brighter future, for those who are inspired. Your story proves that age is never a boundary to reach the cream of the crop. To invest in our field of interests, especially in a field seeming incompetent to shape a good future, is never a nonsense like most people around usually convinced us. However, family must always be the base of our lives. It is true for I, and many of us I believed, have experienced such situation ourselves. We will patiently wait for the officially published autobiography of yours, and may it be another successful chapter in your life. Keep inspired and inspiring the world.

  47. Twitted by goldfries Says:

    […] This post was Twitted by goldfries […]

  48. Alliah Chan Says:

    Hello Mr. WiseFreeman, done finishing your Bio! and i see you in twitter and you really have the appearance you have 😀
    You are so great despite of having a great experiences you had been through, you are a great person and learn to know many knowledge you know despite having hardships in high school, just like me in college.
    From attending seminars, you never give up even though it’s just a little, and along the way your talents grew and discovered greatly by the great Danny Choo 🙂

    Take Care Always…:D

  49. lunn1986 Says:

    Didn’t know of this blog until i clicked your link in facebook. (I am Kin Chia there.)

    Thank you very much the share of your life and experience. It teaches me something in return. I am very interested to know what you want to achieve in the future since that you have experience all kind of bright and dark side of the corporate world.

    Looking forward for your next entry.

    I too must say that Anime & Hobby also save me at a certain point, only that my failures are not as bad as you..or maybe mine is just a piece of rock along the road compare to yours. Currently i am planning to create awareness of these hobby in my hometown.

  50. Carol Chin Says:

    Finally I click into this link and explored The Chronicle of Wisefreeman XD

    You got an interesting and pretty inspiring life experience, for me. Kinda inspired and motivated me, in some ways I cannot explain hahaha~ Its good to know more things about you, since you’re in my friend list 😛

    Thank you for writing this biography ^^

    And yea Anime does make our feelings much better ^____^
    The anime community is much better and more fun to be with too (maybe is due to me liking Anime? o.O ) But yea, it too has changed my life dramatically, in every way, for the better! 😀

    Again, thank you thank you thank you for writing this biography and inspiring others~

    All the best in your future endeavors! 🙂

  51. Anson Says:

    Dear Solomon,

    Hi, its Anson here, (we worked together in Pavilion, hope ya still remember? haha :P).

    I knew that you had a very interesting past, I just know the details of it now and there is nothing to say but just pure admiration for your life experience.

    I can’t even believe that we are around the same age! your story is even worthwhile to make into a movie to be honest. I’m glad that you’ve found a new path in your life. Events is fun and full of dazzling lights, we both know how wonderful it is to see the visualization of our plannings.

    As my peer, friend and also someone that I’m inspiring to become, I wish you the best of luck in your journey ahead!! =)

  52. BlackHowling Says:

    I am interested on which seminar that you went that makes your eyes opened.

  53. David Lobo Says:

    There is certainly a great deal to learn about this topic. I love all of the points you made.

  54. Virgilio Gandarilla Says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I really think this website needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

  55. cloner Says:

    now i know why the name soloman freeman.. i salute u & hopefully one day i shall meet u in person to learn more

  56. fastpreneur Says:

    Thanks , I have recently been searching for information about this subject for a while and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure in regards to the source?|What i do not realize is in fact how you’re much more well-appreciated than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  57. Christopher Cha Says:

    *reads everything* I salute you man. *salutes*

  58. Rodrigo Says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  59. 365bet Says:

    I do agree with all of the ideas you have introduced
    in your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work.
    Thank you for the post.

  60. Eren Tan (Saltyfish) Says:

    Maybe you don’t know who am I, but I am so glad that I accept that name card back in the 1st Culture Japan Con in Penang (still keep it till today) . After follow your Facebook, you instantly become the great example that I wanted to be.

  61. Evelyn Says:

    Hi Mr Solomon Freeman. I came across your page by accident. Your story, I must say, is one of the most inspiring and relatable I’ve ever read.

    I am currently very broken, and wish to make a huge change in my life. I’ve been conned, fooled, cheated by a guy; yet I went back to him again and again after being called stupid, ugly, and incapable. Anyway, my question is, does reading self-help books written by the likes of Dale Carnegie and Warren Buffet really help? I’ve been wanting to read all these book, particularly books on investing, but due to other commitments I could hardly find time to do that. Are books the best way to get about turning my life around?

    I would also like to ask, if the fortune teller whom you encountered was accurate in his or her reading? I’ve been told the same but not only am I sceptical about it, I’m also very impatient to wait for my ‘success’. Did you wait it out in the end! Or did your efforts actually move the timeline forwards?

    Last but not least, if you were to give an advice to someone like me, a broken girl with no bright future in view, what do you think is the best way for me to become stronger emotionally, believe more in myself, overcome this, and actually achieve something?

    I really hope to hear some wise words from someone as accomplished as yourself!

    • WiseFreeman Says:

      Dear Evelyn, thanks for your comment.

      If something is hurting you, giving you all the negativity, you should let go of it, as if it were a smelly garbage, you wouldn’t leave it close to you right? No matter how painful at the moment of departure, given enough time, it will heal.

      You should definitely read books that are helpful to your current condition & what you wish to become, I find self-help books very motivating. Find some time to start reading a chapter, then soon enough you’ll find yourself already finished it.
      The trick to start reading a book is just by getting started. We can always find some spare time (even in toilet), it’s only a matter of priority. Make a habit of reading a chapter during mealtime & before bedtime daily.

      Fortune-telling only gives a glimpse into 1 of many possibilities of the future (if it were accurate at all), it’s not a predestined life, nothing is really set in stone, you can still change it; As the saying goes, your future is in your own hands.
      The fortune teller said my life will only become successful when I reach the age of 30; 9 years has passed, I’m now 28, sure there had been many hardships that I had to overcome after my bankruptcy, but I can gladly say that I’d made it out so far.
      2 years left before I finally turn 30, the way I see it now, I would say that it’s because of these 12 long years that shaped me into a stronger & more accomplished person; not that my life would miraculously become successful after I turn 30 as foretold by the fortune teller.
      Don’t sit out & wait for your time to come. Opportunities are for the people who are well-prepared to receive it. Do something & you’ll get something; Do nothing & you’ll get nothing.

      What you are experiencing now, it’s not the end of world, it’s only temporarily. Sad to say, life never go exactly as we like it to be, there will be more challenges awaits us in the future, so if you were to give up now, you won’t live to see the better days, and to tell the good tales.

      As a consultant, I wouldn’t simply advise any people before getting to know their situation well. But what you can do now in general, is to do something you like (hobby/interest), go out for a walk to get some fresh air, do some exercise, attend events to meet new people, these outdoor activities will boost your brain & enhance your mental health to think more positively.

      Wish you all the very best in life, and I hope I will hear from you again after you’d managed to overcome your current hurdle in life. Stay positive, sky will always be clear after a storm.

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